Friday, July 11, 2008

I cried wolf - Cervix update

Thankfully, my cervix is holding strong. In fact, my measurement this week was slightlly longer than 3 weeks ago at 3.78. I saw a new doctor as well, who has actually researched and written about MA's. He works at the practice I was hoping to leave, but now I am thinking to just stay, as long as I can continue to see him. He feels really confident that I will be ok. We'll discuss my next check after my anatomy scan next week.


jenn said...


Is anatomy scan the same as finding out the gender? Are you finding out who the Roomie is? So exciting!

CTagsGirl said...

Really excited to hear the good news!

I haven't commented on your blog before, but I've really enjoyed reading your updates. I must confess that I'm slightly green with envy about your pregnancy, but I'll get over it. :)

Please keep us updated with roomie's stats!

Anonymous said...

Yay for your cervix!

sara said...

I'm a little late getting caught up, but I'm so glad to hear about this new doctor that you met. I'm glad your cervix reading was hanging in there as well. This is a big week for you mama! Your anatomy scan - how freakin exciting! Are you getting a feeling one way or another on the gender? I'm trying to picture you with a boy or a girl and I could see either one. I stink at guessing though :-) I think you should get all dolled up and look fabulously hot for your appointment though since it's kind of a big moment. Then you should grab dinner out or take out food from one of your favorite places and make a special day out of it. That way you'll always have a lot of great memories from it :-) Hope you're having a great weekend..sorry I'm a few days behind on your post...I've been a bad blogger. Bad Sara...bad blogger :-)