Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unmistakable... (pg post + gender)

Another gushing pregnancy post. read at your own risk...

We had our scan first thing this morning. After 2 nights of insomnia and a fever for DH we finally had a good rest last night. We went out at dusk last night for a long, brisk walk in an attempt to wear ourselves out. It worked. Although I felt a little crampy and had some BH's when we got back.

We woke rested. Took bets on what we thought the sex was going to be while we sat at the old park in from of the Hospital. DH called girl. I called boy. We both, not so secretly, hope for a girl... I figured it was a boy because anything pregnancy related tends to respond directly against my wishes.

I was right:) He is a boy!!! And all of his perfect little parts are in perfect order!! I can't believe my body is doing this. My big ol' failure of a body is succeeding at making a perfectly sized, so far, 12 ounce squirt.

After the tech showed us the unmistakable evidence, I was surprized that I wasn't sad at all. In fact, I can't stop smiling. The tech left and we waited for the doctor. We smiled and talked about boy names. Our boy list is smaller than our girl list. DH's last name is very french... so we are thinking of going super snotty, high brow and choosing a french first name. But we won't be announcing a name till after the birth. Can't deal with too many people weighing in. And my family will surely dislike anything we choose.

A great thing about us having a boy is that the last two babies born into the family are boys. So we won't need for anything. And although my sister and I have more recently had a strained relationship - I know she has saved tons of stuff for us: clothes, toys, furinture, etc. And since we are poor, though not in the desperate sense, it feels really great to know that we'll have so much just given to us.

I have to say. For the first time I feel more excited than scared. It will probably only last the day... But I am gonna bask in it. Roll around in my own goopy, disgusting joy. I hope that I exude so much funk that my preggo vibe sticks to some of my dear friends in the 2 week wait. If that is you, girlfriend(s), I applaud you for reading this. Cuz it is pretty gross and pregnancy laden.

The proof is in the pudding. Here is me pointing to the little guys cute little parts. Yup, looks like a wiener to me:)


G said...

Awesome, grats!! I am so glad your scan went well. Bask in the happiness as long as you can, you deserve it :)

I think you should name him Phil.

sara said...

Meredith - congrats on the little boy! Don't take this the wrong way - but that is a great looking wiener if I ever saw one! It's awesome that you took a picture of you and the little 12oz squirt together - what a cool idea. I'm glad you were able to get a good nights sleep, and I hope the BHs calm down from your walk. I think it's a pretty cool idea about the french first name- I think you should go all out :-)

Isn't it just the coolest and also the weirdest thing to be able to put some sort of identity with the baby now? I mean - in a day technically nothing has changed - but to you as a mom - everything has changed. It's not just the baby you feel or think about - it's your future son. At least that's how I felt last week, and that's why I was so excited for you. Everything just seems so much more real at that moment when you get the news. Sorry for the super long comment. I'm just really excited for you and happy that not only is it a boy, but everything is measuring great and all the parts are there :-) ((((hugs))) and high fives!

CTagsGirl said...

Congrats to you and the adorable little wombie! So glad to hear that you were able to experience excitement and joy about your scan…even if it was only temporary. Hopefully those moments will visit you with greater frequency. :)

jenn said...

Congratulations on the little man!
I have a similar feeling- if this does work- we will have a girl because I honestly couldn't care & the hub is terrified of raising a little girl. Mark my words ;o)

I am very curious about the name- I love the whole process of coming up with your child's name, so much an exploration of you as a couple! (soon to be triple!)

sara said...

I'm still waiting for my Adams to come from Netflix - it's at the top of my movie que but still says short wait. Maybe this weekend?

Anonymous said...

So many boys in MA uteri at present - congrats!

Very cool to see a pic of you, you are nothing like I imagined lol.