Monday, July 7, 2008

A striking resemblance

Yesterday I made a potato salad and came across this:

It looks as though it is a cast of the former inside of my Ute.
It is a septate potato. And I ate it.

Off to see the OB that I am about to dump... I think. I am going to talk with her about the crappy Peri and see if they can send me elsewhere. I like the OB. I can at least give her the chance to explain the situation. I am still a little nervous about having to go to the burbs for appointments - not to mention driving there while in labor. It should only take a half hour. Could be longer if traffic is bad.

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sara said...

Oh goodness a septate potato! That picture is priceless - you have to share that with the MA board girls. Abnormal utes give the phrase "You are what you eat" a whole new meaning, LOL! I never looked at bananas quite the same way again after my RE called my UU one of those! I hope your appointment goes okay today as well. My doctors and hospital are about 30 minutes away on a good traffic day as well, but they're the ones I feel comfy with. I really hope your new ones give you the warm fuzzies as well. I figure I'll just have to start praying for good traffic the closer the time towards our due dates get...sound good? Let us know how your appointment goes today and if you find out any good info :-)