Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend away

It has been unbearably hot in this stinky city for days. We retreated to my family's farm on friday, only returning last night (see pic). My folks were away so we were there to tend to their many dependents, be them dogs, cats, ponies, sheep, plants, etc. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air - although it was still darn hot. But the lull of their central air and in-ground pool took the edge off. We even sneaked in some skinny dipping:) Which I have not done since I was in high school!

The whirlwind of my sister's recent move out of my parents house with her three kids left my mom's place in a shambles. I spent much of the weekend vacuuming and dusting. I was happy to do it. My 63 year old mother, while minding full time my sisters children, also tends to a massive kitchen garden. So the house has taken a back seat, and frankly, was worse than I have even seen it. So I go a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning. Not only could you see the difference, but it felt great to be able to do something nice for her - since she so often does for me.

Saturday was spent shopping for a new mattress. I have slept my entire adult life on a piece of sh*t, so we decided it was a good time for an upgrade. Of course we can not afford it, but with DH's aching neck and my hips sore from side-sleeping, we thought we best be proper amer*icans and accrue a little more debt. Shopping for a mattress sucks. It is really hard to feel the difference and equally as hard to know if you are making a good choice. We were looking for something in the middle price range - not too cheap, not too fancy. We finally scored at a department store. We also decided to bump up to a Queen - which of course adds the cost of new sheets. But DH divulged after years of sharing a bed that his feet hang off the end and that is why I always end up tangled in his legs. So for an extra 10 bucks and the cost of 2 sets of sheets and a mattress pad, he will get to sleep like a proper man:) It is very exciting really. It arrives on Thursday.

All's quite on the pregnancy front. Had a lot of BH contractions yesterday, perhaps because we spent most of the day outside. I was in the shade, or in the pool and drinking water... Who knows why. We drove home around 8 pm and I had not felt the roomie since the afternoon. So I curled up on the couch with some cookies and waited. It took a while, but about 15 minutes later I was getting a whooping and regretting the beating I had instigated. I have to say I am not a big fan of the movement. Sometimes he jumps so hard it startles me, and then I jump. Don't get me wrong, it is very reassuring to feel him move, but I can't say I *like* how it feels.

We are also in the process of test driving names. We take them out for a spin for the day and see how they feel at the end. We had a girls name that we were absolutely 100% set on, but we just aren't there with any boy names. With the girl name, it was like we knew it the second we said it. So we are hoping if we keep searching the same will happen.... We do have one boy name that comes closest to being a winner, but our friends recently named their dog that:( Do you name your kid the same name as your friends dog? Are boys just harder to name?

Bathroom *should* be full tiled by this evening. We'll be picking up paint this afternoon:) Yeah!!! I post pics as soon as possible...


sara said...

You are a naughty girl - skinny dipping and all! Hehe :-) No really - that's awesome! Sounds like you guys had a good weekend, and I'm glad you were able to help your mom out a bit - I'm sure she will really appreciate it. So they have like real sheep and other animals? That's really cool - very different than being near the city, huh? Good luck with the tile work and having the bathroom done, hopefully it'll all get settled down soon. You will love having a new mattress (as will the hubby). It was one of the best things we ever bought after we got married. At first they all seem to feel so hard, but then they kind of get broken in. At least that's what I found. Hope you're having a great week with not too many surprise attack kicks :-) (my sister used to say that the kicks startled the crap out of her as they got stonger - I just don't think Spot has kicked me hard enough yet for me to feel startled, but I'm sure it will come in time.)

jenn said...

new mattresses are awesome! Be sure to keep your eye out at Target for cheap sheets- you can usually find something pretty decent that's been marked down a lot- there & JC Penney or Sears- they always have great sales!
How lovely to get out of the city for the weekend- it IS a hot stinky mess here!
Glad you get 'rewarded' by the roomie & I know exactly what you mean by knowing the second you said it. The hub & I threw around names on the ride up at Thanksgiving 06 & we got the boys name right off. It hasn't changed in nearly 2 years either. Now girls names... that I have about 30 that I love & can't decide on- but I (& you too!) have plenty of time! I would suggest Gabrielle, or Marguerite or some pretty French name since you mentioned the French background of your last name...
And screw the friends- just tll them that they stole your name- who can argue with a pregnant lady! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new mattress, we need to do that too.

The movement is a funny thing. Sometimes it hurts me, or just feels rather icky. It's freaky to watch nowdays.

I'd have more of an issue using the same name as a friend's child, than their dog :)

CTagsGirl said...

You weekend sounds absolutely wonderful...and what a thoughtful daughter you are for helping-out around your parent’s place! It’s not easy watching older siblings make really dumb choices, is it? I’ve been there, and it’s made me come to the conclusion that some people truly NEVER grow-up.

We get to see pictures of the new and improved mattress too, right? :)

sara said...

Alright alright - for you Meredith...I will do anything. Including slowing down the baby prep process a bit to avoid the freakout of my good friend :-) I have to admit - I'm freaking myself out a bit by getting things ready. I'm just freakin worried myself that I won't have a darn thing done and will end up in the hospital for weeks on end in premature labor or some godforsaken hell hole. Sorry - that's my own little version of freakout for the the day. My doc keeps mentioning me being hospitalized possibly if things progress and it leaves me shakin in my baby booties!