Monday, May 19, 2008

All's well in Roomieville

My OB ordered an ultrasound this afternoon following my second bleeding episode in nearly a week. Although the tech had little to say, we did get to see the little fella/gal with his/her little froggie legs and big ol' blippy heart. I asked the tech if she could tell me anything about the location of the placenta, and although she was not specific, she said it was fine and not in a location that should cause bleeding or issues. So I guess the bleeding will remain a mystery.

I was scared to death to go in, but glad now that I did. Big sigh of relief.

So here is the thing. I am a pretty high strung lady. I have been wondering about renting a doppler. In one sense I envision it calming me to hear the HB. In another, I envision myself FREAKING OUT if I can not find it for some reason. Anybody else considering getting one of these things? I am leaning toward no.


Meg said...

So thrilled you had a good peek inside!

I would lean towards no as well. Oftentimes you have a hard time hearing with them anyways. I am a very stressed and anxious personality and I think this would drive me batty nuts.

G said...

I had one (bought it on e.bay) and it was nice. We only used it about once a week, I wouldn't allow myself to use it more. We did use it once when I felt he had moved positions and it took a bit to find him, but he had.

I plan to use it again next time. Except next time, post loss, I may be a freak about it. But I can't imagine it any other way. I embrace my inner freak.

sara said...

Wow, look at that picture! It actually looks more like a baby :-) I am so so so so glad that things are A-OK after the bleeding crap you had. Doesn't just seeing the little one make all the difference in the world to make you feel better and that things are OK? I'm glad the placenta is residing where it should be. As far as the doppler, I'm leaning towards no myself for the very same reason. I can be a little OCD and if I didn't find it one time I would have to start renting a room up in antepartum or L & D or else the looney bin (all of which I hear serve crappy food). So although I know many women enjoy getting the doppler, I may not.

jenn said...

How lovely!!
I think the Roomie's just learning kickboxing & you're suffering for it!
I am so glad that everything is normal, I wouldn't know about the doppler, but I would steer clear if it was for myself. I know I would freak out big time if I ever couldn't find the heartbeat- which is apparently quite common!

Anonymous said...

So glad all is well!

I thought I would want a doppler, but it turned out I didn't. I could just picture myself not being able to figure out how it worked, or not being able to find the HB and freaking myself out over nothing.

I'm still a bit surprised that I decided not to get one though.

jenn said...

ps- I tagged you for some distractions...