Sunday, May 11, 2008

Update on Bright Red Blood

Spent the night with terrible diarrhea, followed by vomiting. What is up with that? I am beginning to wonder if I actually *have* something - a virus or whatnot. This is just getting silly. Out of fear of getting completely dehydrated again I have been taking my nausea meds every 6-7 hours. Feeling ok this morning. Was able to eat half a banana and some je.llo.

The bleeding (knock-on-wood) has turned into just a litle brown stuff when I go to the bathroom. I feel good about the slowdown. Although it did occur overnight while I was horizontal.

My new, borrowed mantra from the ever-wise Sarah, "One day at a time." Go give Sarah some love - she is spending the day trying to stop spotting too.


loribeth said...

Oh no... (((hugs))) & healing vibes heading your way. Please keep us posted!

Meg said...

I sure hope everything turns out okay tomorrow. Thinking about you.

sara said...

Oh girl! I can't believe I missed your Saturday post, I would have left a message sooner. How are you hanging in there? I'm so sorry about the bleeding thing and the other yuckies you have to go with it. I swear, are our uteruses (uteri?) in cohoots together? I think our bodies communicate with one another because our stories always seem like a mirror image (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

You are an absolute sweetheart who always makes me feel so much better when I read a comment or post from you! Thanks for helping to keep me sane. It's only the support that's getting me through right now. I hope you're hanging in there and you get into your doc today to find out everything is fine. I'll check back often to see how you're doing, and I'm sorry we had to be couch potato buddies! (Oh yeah, you couldn't have said it better about the ER on a weekend situation - completely accurate description)