Monday, May 12, 2008

Everything is ok... for now

I had my first OB appointment. We discussed my sorted history and I told her all about the bad digestion and the bleeding. She seemed satisfied that the bleeding might have to do with what my RE saw on the ultrasound last week - some kind of little sack or hematoma near the site of the placenta. By this morning, it had all turned to brown - though now, after my exam, it is a little red again. I assume everything is a little irritated after being cranked open.

The exam was fine, cervix is closed. No ultrasound in office, though she did come in with a little doppler thing-ama-gig. She warned me that the heartbeat is sometimes hard to hear prior to 12 weeks, and that it may take a few minutes to find it. Basically, I should stay calm. The first 30 seconds were excruciating. Then we heard it. Despite my having consumed little but chicken broth and bread for over a week, the little bugger is still kicking.

Oh, and I lost 7 pounds. She said they won't get upset till it is between 10 & 15. I look like a limp rag. I feel like one too.

Thanks for all of your well wishes. xoxoxo ((((hugs)))


jenn said...

I am SO GLAD!!! How wonderful that the Roomie gave you a little concert. Hopefully s-he settles down & goves you a 'normal' quiet & uneventful rest of pregnancy!

sara said...

Wooo Hooo! I'm so glad everything is alright with the little one. Wowwy wow though, 7 lb loss. You poor thing, you must have been sick (not to mention all that pesky morning sickness). I would like to personally give your cervix a high five for staying closed. I'm hoping both of our cervixs (sp) don't decide to pull any funny stuff any time soon. I'd offer you a toast with a yummy appletini or margarita for us both having a good appointment, although I guess that won't be happening any time too soon. Instead, just sending you a hug and wishes for the bleeding to go away and the nausea.

Katie said...

What a relief! I am so glad that all is okay with the baby.

Now, as for you, I am so sorry that you've been so sick.

jenn said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments! I finally did get that +, but it's not the happy ending I wanted- of course, nothing in this crazy IF world ever is!

I don't think I am braver than you with the herbs at all- I think mine are probably a little easier to take like tea- with some honey & really hot water I can almost think it ~is~ tea! For some reason I think of bitter as the hardest to take & worthy of a quick shot with the nose pinched!

Tell that Roomie to keep behaving- I hope this isn't a taste of what kind of behavior to expect when they are here! Scaring Mom like that- and on Mother's Day too! ;o)

sara said...

Hey there, just wanted to check and see if the uterus was still behaving as well at the end of the week as it was in the beginning!

Hui-zhen said...

Hi, I came across your blog by searching photos of uterus on google.I was diagnosed as Septate Uterus in 2004, when I was 25. I got married this January and is thinking about having a baby soon.
But, I know my own conditions and therefore I am feeling uneasy and insecure about the possible obstacle ahead. I just know there will be, though I try to be optimistic about it.

You are very brave by putting your story down on a blog. I will put this blog on my favorites.

Hope everything goes well on you and the baby.