Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just in time - Jen tagged me.

Luck for you, Jen tagged me. (I have never been tagged before... I feel so flattered...) I was preparing a diatribe on constipation and the assortment of failed remedies I have tired in the last 24 hours. So to spare you saga of the "poopy-pendulum" I instead have created a list 10 weird or random facts about me.

Sara, G at What makes you stronger, and Meg - tag!! Your turn to write your list of 10...

1. At the ripe age of 10 I had a subdural hematoma from a bike accident. (A blood clot under the skull) It required major surgery, but also required me to be bald upon entrance to the fourth grade. On the first day of class my teacher mistook me for a little boy and asked me to remove my hat - revealing a big, gnarly scar. I was told to put my cap back on.

2. I am fluent in only one other language: pig latin.

3. My first car in high school was a 1970 O.ldsmobile C.utlass C.onvertible. I was very popular with the headbangers and the techy kids on account of it. I drove muscle cars throughout my teen years.

4. It took me nearly 2 years to refer to DH as my boyfriend. Till then he was referred to as the "faux-beau."

5. My entire family still calls me "Dit-Dit" or "Dit" for short. My Dad's former secretary still calls me "baby dit." (My brother could not pronounce Meredith - so it got shortened.)

6. I have skim coated (plastered) nearly every wall in my house myself. I am a self-taught plaster master. I also love scrapping wallpaper and peeling skin after you get a sunburn (they seem kind of similar.)

7. I know how to spin and dye wool. Also knit.

8. I was arrested in an act of civil disobedience a little over a year ago.

9. I have an unrealistic fear of bears.

10. The fetus I am currently carrying appears to have frog legs.


jenn said...

I will trade any free design help you want for some plaster work/skim coating, lol!

And too funny on the frog legs- maybe you should call him/her Kermie instead of Roomie...

G said...

Wow, how scary on the accident! Does your hair grow back strangely or different colored?

Come on, you need to spill on the arrest! Rebel! (in your muscle cars)