Thursday, May 1, 2008

Graduation Day!!!

I made it. I have officially been released from my RE to my new OB - who I have yet to meet. I was shocked to see how changed the little skrimp was this week. So freaking big. He/she had little arm/leg nubs. My RE actually said, "there is your baby!" Inside I was thinking, "Is she talking to me, cuz that sounds really weird!"

I think we officially decided to upgrade the name from "skrimp" to "roomie" on account of it looking more like a human than an underwater creature from deep in the sea. Although, "human" in appearance is being pretty generous. I still think it looks more like a gummy bear.

My RE also discovered a little something, something in there with the roomie. There was a little "sac" of sorts. She indicated it could be a twin that failed to develop (gulp) or a something-or-other fluid-filled who-knows what. You can see I was really paying attention. It looks close to where the umbilical cord is attaching. She said not to worry about it. And I am determined not to. I am determined to begin accepting this pregnancy. I am also determined to learn how to have faith in my own body again.

Since I am finally allowing some indulgences, I stopped at the book store to look for my first pregnancy book. I couldn't find anything that I really liked - so I am hoping for some suggestions. I am interested in the week-by-week perspective of development. I am also interested in a pretty holistic approach to pregnancy - organic foods, chinese medicine and all that stuff. Not a junkie, but I lean that way. So if you have any great pregnancy books to recommend, please do!!

Thanks for all of your words on the vitamin fiasco. I actually made an executive decision to stop taking them all together and instead suppliment with folic acid. My RE said that was a good choice. So till I see the OB - I will stick to the regiment. And, not only has my nausea lightened up, but my bowels are getting it together too! I feel overall, much better than I did last week.

Here is the gummie... um, I mean roomie.


sara said...

I'm so glad you've graduated and had a good ultrasound! Glad the pooper end is behaving better too...the little pleasures in life. One of the highlights of my day currently is if I can crap that day. Sorry, that's a little gross I know. Here's to many more good ultrasounds!

jenn said...

Wow! What a gorgeous pic! Congrats on your graduation & feeling better. I hope you get to relax & start to *enjoy* the pregnancy soon! Here's to roomie!

Freyja said...

Big congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I found you through the MA yahoo group. I have "Great Expectations" its a week by week guide and so much better than "what to expect"

orodemniades said...

My two favorite books are The Mother Of All Baby Books by Ann Douglas, who's experienced infertility, stillbirth, and miscarriage, so she really gets it, and Ina May Gaskin's Guide To Childbirth.

Dorothy Smith said...

Contrats on your graduation!!
You can check this book out--
The Pregnancy Bible: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Early Parenthood
by: Keith, M.D. Eddleman (Editor), Joanne Stone (Editor)
This book is extremely informative regarding pregnancy, birth, and post-natal care. Also includes exercises for mom as well as tons of beautiful images and photographs.

scarredbellybutton said...

How wonderful - congrats! I am so glad you're feeling better as well.

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