Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some advise from others on controlling nausea

I used to spend a lot of time reading and posting on the Mullerian Anomalies boards. I still keep up but don't posted so much anymore. But after this weeks barf-fest, I went seeking some advise, and as usual, got lots of great suggestions. I thought I would share some of the solutions to curb nausea here:

Gargling baking soda - neutralized acidic saliva
crystalized ginger
organic ginger ale
soft peppermint sticks
small, frequent meals
life savers
hard candy
Sour liquids like lemonade
cinnamon fire balls
crackers by the bedside for middle of the night
deep breathing exercises
sour hard candy

Zofran (comes much recommended, can cause or worsen constipation)
Phernergan (what I am on, but causes drowseyness)


KatieM said...

My MIL swears by applesauce. In fact when we first told her about the wee one, she told me to stock up.

sara said...

All really great points. You have an awesome list going there. I ended up caving in and getting some zofran from my doc at the beginning when the nausea was really bad. I find it works, but gives me a headache, which I'd still rather have than nausea. I didn't know that it can cause constipation! Between that and the progesterone, I can't crap for the life of me :-) Do you find the constipation is crazy? Sorry, bit of a personal question, I know. Hope you're nausea free soon!