Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It has been a rough 5 days.

It started on friday with a migraine. The migraine slowly morphed into a nasty head cold, and then the head cold turned into and absolute wretchfest. I have done little but rest and barf for two days (notice I wrote "rest" not "sleep"). By yesterday afternoon I started with the diarrhea again and knew I was going to have to call someone in the morning. By 5 pm last night I could keep nothing in my body. It even rejected water. I gave up on running the the bathroom and kept a bowl next to the bed. DH kindly rinsed and re-deposited it for later usage.

So this morning my new OB, whom I have yet to meet, requested I go the the PETU at the hospital. I said, "what is the PETU?" She says, "Its like the emergency room for pregnant people." Cool. Sounds more like somewhere I would take my cat, but ok.

We got there at 10am this morning and were immediately given a bed. Not like in the regular emergency room where you wait forever then are forced to curl up in fetal position because the "bed" they give you is a gyno exam table. In fact, they even apologized for not being able to get me a private room. Seriously? Then they gave the a warm blanket (love.)

The nurses rocked. They were quick to pump me full of fluids and some meds to calm my stomach. I handle needles really well at this point - so IV's are cake. The woman sharing the room with me cried and cried (literally) that her IV was "pinching." What a wussy. She has obviously never been to an RE's where they treat you like little more than a pin cushion. I looked like a real hard*ass:)

But everything is ok. I had an abdominal ultrasound and the roomie looks fine. He/she was hard to see - looking very different and much smaller than on the c00ter-cam. I am all hydrated up and on clear liquids for the rest of the day. Tomorrows big adventure will be potatoes and dry toast....

Due to my illness, I have had little time to respond to anyones posts. But I am thinking about you all and still reading.

Oh, and I finally told my parents. Mostly because I could really use some mom-love right now. They are on their way down to the city with bland provisions. Since we told them, I think it is only fair to tell DH's folks. Mother's day is sunday - and it seems like a good day to spill the beans.


jenn said...

I'm so sorry you were so sick, but glad you are feeling better!

I like that term- PETU... I remember having to lay across 4 chairs in the ER waiting room with one of their buckets- the PETU sounds much more glamorous!

Yay for seeing the roomie & telling the folks. Hope the BRAT diet is good to you!

loribeth said...

Glad to hear all is well!

Mel said...

Glad all is ok with roomie, and hoping you get to feeling better pronto!

KatieM said...

I'm sorry you were so sick, but I'm glad you still have your sense of humor you badass you ;-)

Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your pregnant only ER =P